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Welcome to ITSOURCER.COM – in order to become a member you have to fill out the following application form. Filling out the application form includes the following steps
     Account type
     Company data
     Contact person
     Confirm input
     Accept conditions
Ad 1. Account type
Select the account type you would like. Buyer – you have the possibility to enter projects and request competences for these projects. Provider – you can see and bid on open projects. Buyer and Provider is a mix of the two.

Ad 2. Company data.
Here you need to enter general information about the company you represent – company name, address, phone etc.

Ad 3. Contact person.
Here you have to enter the person who will be the responsible person for maintaining other users you might need. The Contact person will also become ITSOURCER.COM.COM main contact person.

Ad 4. Confirm input
When you have entered the data mentioned above you have a final possibility to check if the data entered are correct.

Ad 5. Accept conditions
The last thing you have to do is to accept the conditions for participating in the network. The conditions are listed below for you to read before starting to register.

When you have registered you will not get access to the ITSOURCER.COM instantly. We will send you an e-mail asking you to activate the account. This is for ensuring the data quality of our members. Once the account has been activated you can logon to the portal.