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About Us

As the world of IT business gets more and more specialized, it’s becoming more and more difficult to find the right resources for any particular assignment.
Our mission
The principal objective of is to bring buyers of external IT assistance together with providers of IT consulting services.

Who’s behind is a fully independent company established by Michael Vraa-Jensen in June 2007 to run a web-based portal for matching IT competences with needs.

Michael Vraa-Jensen has been working more or less continuously with SAP since 1990. From 1999 to 2006, Michael worked as a consultant manager at R5 A/S, a Scandinavian ERP consultancy specializing in implementing SAP systems. Here, he was responsible for the allocation of consultants and soon he became aware of the need to optimize this process and to form an overview of available assignments.


”I could see that a number of projects weren’t successful due to the absence of informed advice and adequate knowledge. This bothered me because I knew that we possessed the necessary competences among our consultants. Unfortunately, nobody requested them because the client didn’t know us and wasn’t aware of our competences. In discussions with clients, they often disclosed that they experienced great difficulties finding the right resources, with the right competences – and in sufficient numbers”, relates Michael Vraa-Jensen.

To rectify this situation, in 2006 Michael formulated the business model for an internet portal aimed at bringing providers and buyers together – quickly, easily and securely. 

Since then, the portal went live in 2007 and was later updated in 2011. Currently, our members represent more than 2000 consultants, and more are joining us every day. Join them, and help us build the portal into the world’s leading IT resource portal.